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David Woolley forums at
Thu Oct 2 16:59:34 EDT 2014

On 02/10/14 20:45, zuffa wrote:

> I am an active user of pidgin and I had a question. I wanted to know if
> I were to delete my chat logs from my PC and un click the options in
> preferences, would an admin be able to still retrieve the logs? Are they
> saved even though they are deleted from the PC? Any information would be
> helpful

If you are using Bonjour, probably not, although there may be ways of 
logging that.

If you are working for a financial services or similar company, and are 
not in breach of your employment terms by using Pidgin, almost certainly.

Otherwise, you would have to ask your service provider.  However, in the 
Western world, it unlikely that more than message destinations and times 
are being logged, unless you are under specific surveillance.  In the 
latter case, your service provider is likely not to be allowed to tell 
you that you are.

(I'm not sure at what stage Google throw away the original text.)

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