Opening received files

Mark Doliner mark at
Tue Sep 23 13:00:52 EDT 2014

Hi Casey. I think this is a side-effect of a change in Pidgin 2.10.8:
"When clicking file:// links, show the file in Explorer rather than
attempting to run the file. This reduces the chances of a user
clicking on a link and mistakenly running a malicious file.
(Originally discovered by James Burton, Insomnia Security.
Rediscovered by Yves Younan of Sourcefire VRT.) (CVE-2013-6486)"

We WANT that behavior when clicking a link in an IM window. We don't
have a strong opinion about it when clicking to open a file that you
received via file transfer. Probably clicking the file name in the IM
window should open the file manager, for consistency with clicking a
URL in the IM window. I think we'd accept a patch to change the
behavior when opening the file via the file transfer window. Feel free
to file a bug or submit a patch at

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