Any hope after a hard restart?

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Hi Bxjjz!

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> Hello! I used Pidgin for about a year, because it logged things so much
> better than aim. Under the username "shakespeareansiblings", a friend and I
> wrote an obscenely awsome amount of stories. Recently, my computer has been
> glitching, and I attempted to make a backup disc, but that service was
> corrupted. Nothing saved, and I ended up having to wipe and restart my
> computer. I was wondering, is there any possible way that the logs were
> saved in some secret annal of my harddrive, or more possibly, your servers?

The Pidgin logs are saved under ".purple/logs" and that's it as far as I know.
Pidgin does not upload the logs of the conversations (which can be of other
protocols than AIM) to their servers, because that will be an invasion of user
privacy, and because Pidgin does not have the available resources for keeping
everyone's logs. AOL/AIM might keep logs on their servers, but I'm not sure they
make them available.

Anyway, I hope you have learned your lesson about backups and restores (See ) and won't repeat it in
the future. We have a saying in Hebrew that "He who got burned by boiling water
will be careful in mildly warm water.". 


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