Can't connect to google talk/chat from Pidgin

Nate Jensen herrimancoder at
Fri Feb 27 11:58:58 EST 2015

Google just shut down the google talk windows client infrastructure and I hate using the gmail web client for my chats. I’ve been scrambling all morning to find a chat client that will connect with my google chat peeps. So far NOTHING has worked, and I’m not sure if it’s because google shut down Google Talk windows client, or whether I’m just configuring this wrong. (chats through gmail web client still works fine)

I know I’m entering my gmail username and password correctly, but all config beyond that has contradictory (and super old) info listed out there. Is there a known successful set of configs for pidgin to work with Google? 

For example:
- Protocol – XMPP?
- Resource??
- Connection security -  (Require encryption? Use encryption if available? use old-style SSL?)
- Connect Port??
- Connect Server –

Please help.

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