input method will be changed when I close a pidgin window

David Woolley forums at
Mon Jan 5 06:44:22 EST 2015

On 05/01/15 06:53, steven01997 wrote:
>      I am user from China. So I use chinese input method on my windows
> 8. When I open a Pidgin dialogue window, the IME status is looked like this:

This image was not present in the email (I checked the message source).

>      BUT, when I close or minisize this window, the IME status is
> changed to this :

This image (which has been lost because of replying plain text) contains 
the Chinese character 英, in the system tray, which is short for 英语, 
which means English.

>      It is invalid, for all the program running in the computer. I
> should press ctrl+blank space to enable IME.
>      so , is it a BUG ?

In my view, no application program should change the global state of the 
IME.  However, in this case, it going to be GTK, rather than Pidgin that 
is actually at fault.

Note that the Chinese IMEs for Windows commonly used in the West have 
English and Chinese sub-modes, and it is possible that the IME has 
switched between sub-modes.  This might happen because of a particular 
key combination, but I would still expect it to be limited to the 
current window.

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