Taskbar icon change

Tomas M tomas at slax.org
Sat May 2 05:41:08 EDT 2015

Hello list.
I was searching a way how to change the default Taskbar icon for
pidgin (windows 7), because I do not like the pidgeon at all.
Just before I had a chance to ask at this mailing list, I found a
solution. So I will post it here, so others could possibly use it as

First I thought that it will be needed to use some EXE resource editor
to replace icon in exe file. This didn't work. Later I even thought
that I'll have to recompile pidgin for windows, to replace the icon.
Yet the solution is rather pretty simple.

Go to pidgin directory, and create a shortcut of the pidgin.exe file.
Then go to the shortcut properties and change the icon of the shortcut
to any file you like.
Finally start piding using that shortcut, instead of starting the exe
file directly.
You can even copy the shortcut to your startup folder so pidgin starts
with windows, and has the taskbar icon of your choice! :-)

I'm happy with my custom icon now.

That's all.
Take care

Tomas M

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