Jabberd2: nss: Handshake failed

sashko at my-server.km.ua sashko at my-server.km.ua
Mon Apr 11 03:02:13 EDT 2016

Dear support team, good afternoon. I'm having serious problems with the product. The fact that we are trying to make a stand-alone Jabber server. As a customer of our employees are already using Pidgin. We believe that this is the best client IM. But, unfortunately, there was an error SSL.

In Jabberd2 (2.2.8) is used as a server as a client - 2.6.6. There is a SSL connection error (nss: Handshake failed (-5938)). Unsecured connection is working properly. We tried to run the latest client and server assembly 2.10.11 (nss and gnutls). For jabberd2 - openssl 1.0.1, but we got a similar error. Also, apply the patch (https://github.com/jabberd2/jabberd2/commit/ad9ead7816e23f48d9b46905bcbe17b7b4b6a910). It also does not solve the problem.

Please help solve the problem.

Best regards, Alexander

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