David Woolley forums at
Thu Feb 4 16:24:27 EST 2016

On 04/02/16 21:19, Wade Smart wrote:
>> Who told you to use Pidgin?  You need to ask them, as people on this peer
>> support list are not going to be able to support your use of Oracle's
>> internal IM systems.
> David, there are a lot of Oracle employees who use it. I see them on the
> group all the time asking for help and I think their IT dept is either lazy
> or claims because its not theirs, they cant help.

I'm aware of that, but assuming "done" was a typo for "don't", it is 
possible that the advice to use Pidgin is coming from somewhere outside 
the official IT department (this is actually how PCs first got used - 
the IT departments of the times only dealt with mainframes).

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