Crazy idea?

David Woolley forums at
Mon Apr 10 09:22:33 EDT 2017

On 10/04/17 14:13, David BalaĹžic wrote:
> Cut out the middleman, design a decentralised service, lose a possible point of failure. ;-)

Decentralisation can be a problem.  SMTP mail is designed to be 
decentralised, but anyone attempting to use it in that way, these days, 
is likely to fall foul of spam filters that that want email to come from 
a limited number of mail hubs that are trusted to vet their users.

(Actually, in my view, SMTP was the original IM protocol, however, it 
bloated, both in terms of meta data, and also in the need to construct 
emails as formal business letters.)

Similarly for SIP.  Whilst it can do point to point normal users will 
not accept incoming traffic from anyone but there ITSP.  (SIP is 
actually a decentralised IM protocol, as well.)

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