creating a contact, "not authorized"

David Woolley forums at
Fri May 12 10:16:39 EDT 2017

On 12/05/17 15:08, Greg Howard wrote:
> I have a very basic question.
> I was instructed by a peer how to add a contact. (go to Buddie, Add
> Buddies, type in their email address).
> However, upon doing that, the contact shows “not authorized”, and I am
> unable to IM this person.

Not authorised will be a response from the server.  No-one on this, 
public, peer support, mailing list has any knowledge of your server.

We can guess that it is Oracle's own internal server, and we can further 
guess that it is an XMPP one, but that won't help to solve your problem.

If it is Oracle's own server, we have been told that further information 
can be obtained from  <>, if 
you have access to Oracle's private network.

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