Certificate could not be validated

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Wed May 17 13:21:02 EDT 2017

On 17/05/17 17:19, Evalee Gress wrote:
> What do I do to fix this SSL certificate error?

Check the computer's date and time, as it says.

If they are correct, contact the service provider by suitably secure 
means and ask them if they are really using an expired certificate.

If they say they are, point out that it is very bad practice, then make 
a risk assessment as how likely it is that a hacker may have cracked the 
encryption by now.

If they say that their certificate is valid, assume you are talking to 
an impostor, and do not use the service to send anything that you 
wouldn't want your local organised crime boss, to know, and do not 
receive any files unless you have a deep understanding of how files can 
be used to plant malware and you are certain that that is not possible 
in your case.

Similarly, if they say they know it is expired but your risk assessment 
determines it is too likely to have been compromised. Or preferably wait 
until they have fixed it, at their end, before continuing to use the 

Do not ask anyone you do not know and trust to make the risk assessment 
for you.

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