It is saying that the account is not authorized

David Woolley forums at
Thu Nov 2 12:32:24 EDT 2017

On 02/11/17 16:23, Adam Awe wrote:
> I am trying to log in to the Pidgin IM program and it is saying the 
> account is not authorized. I got to modify and it won’t stay checked. I 
> can’t get this going

You cannot log in to the Pidgin IM program, but you can use the Pidgin 
program to log in to an IM server.  It is the server that is rejecting 
your login and you need to contact the people running the server.  They 
are completely independent of the people who maintain Pidgin, and most, 
or all, of the people who use it.

People here cannot tell which server you are using so have no idea 
whether they know about your server.  I'd start with your IT department.

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