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Mon Nov 20 03:58:45 EST 2017

Hi Kyle,

Unfortunately it's the AIM servers going down, so while Pidgin can still
talk the AIM protocol, it'll have nothing to connect to.  There is a 3rd
party AIM server being worked on at
that will let you keep using the AIM protocol on new servers.

I have seen ICE IM pop up from time to time, but have never seen what
protocol they're using, other than it "attaches to Skype personal" whatever
that means.  If you do manage to get an account with them, I'd be
interested to see what protocol it actually is, as it's always fun to add
more protocols to Pidgin -


On 20 November 2017 at 19:43, Kyle Foerster <darfix at> wrote:

> Greetings,
> The current version of Pidgin states on your website that "AIM is not
> breaking, update to the latest version of Pidgin to keep using it".  I
> wager this relates to AIM a year or two ago when the first "scare" that AIM
> was going down happened?
> Now that AIM is going to be brought down on December 15th, 2017, I am
> pretty sure this statement is false.
> If I am wrong though I would love to hear it.  I see that ICE IM is
> offering a supposed "migration" from AIM to their instant messenger, but
> they've not sent me a confirmation email yet for my account, so I am
> inclined to keep using Pidgin if Pidgin will still be able to use AIM's
> protocols.
> Looking forward to your reply.
> Thanks,
> Kyle
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