My account cannot be enabled

David Woolley forums at
Thu Nov 23 04:57:18 EST 2017

On 21/11/17 14:33, Khaled El Ghamrawy wrote:
> Hi Team,

There is no team.  This is a peer support public mailing list.

> I was working with Pidgin as this is the tool that we use in chatting 
> between employees. Then my account was disabled and I can’t reenable it 
> as per the attachment.

Your problem is with Oracle's server, not Pidgin.  No-one here has 
access to Oracle's internal infrastructure.  You need to contact the 
appropriate support person in Oracle.

We are advised that people within the Oracle network can use 
<> for more information; for 
outsiders, like us, it just redirects to the public home page.

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