Other domains

Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Fri Oct 6 18:12:31 EDT 2017

Juan Pelaez wrote:
> Well, I mean, people can use gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. I have a
> customer that wants to chat among he's employees, small mom/pop shop.
> So wondering if there's away to setup using his domain

There are absolutely services that can be used for this.  An XMPP
server (such as prosody or ejabberd) would enable internal chat, and
could also be used for chat with other users of XMPP services.  (It
works a little bit like email, where each domain can have its own
server.)  There are other technologies (such as Bonjour or a
local commercial IM server) available, as well.

Setting something like this up is out of scope for this list (or the
Pidgin project), but you do have options.


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