Security Vulnerability maybe??

Eion Robb eion at
Fri Aug 31 04:33:46 EDT 2018

Hi Micky,

Those red-X icons are just placeholders for "no image".  Unfortunately
running the exe installer to upgrade to 2.13 of Pidgin has likely removed
the icons that the plugin installed in your 2.12 install folder.  You
should just be able to reinstall the plugin or just copy in the images into
the correct folders and the red X/placeholder icons will disappear


On Fri, 31 Aug 2018 at 19:49, Micky <omickymouse at> wrote:

> hi there
> I have used Pidgin 3.12 no issues since I have upgraded to 3.13.0
> I use pidgin 3.13.0 with encryption 3.1 plugin and the issue appears
> when I chat I usually see the icons on the menu bar of the chatbox of
> whom I am talking to.
> usually I see paddocks but now i see red X.
> I have attached screenshot of the area that shows the red X square.
> I believe it is still secure, the issue relates the graphic icons being
> links incorrectly. I am not sure!
> Sorry I don't do any programming, which I could help. This could be
> security vulnerability if the paddock icon does not show.
> Cheers
> Micky
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