David Woolley forums at
Sun May 27 11:37:23 EDT 2018

On 27/05/18 15:50, Original wrote:
> Please how do I accept the GDPR agreement? I got it some days ago and 
> accepted it once then ignored it the other times since I have already 
> accepted it. Now I got a problem I cant communicate with my buddies. 
> Please kindly resend to me. my jabber is dondada at THANKS.

You might have got one from Jabber but you didn't get one from the 
people on this list, unless they just happen to also work for Jabber.

Pidgin is a client.  The developers of Pidgin, and other users, have no 
personal data about you.

(For those outside the EU, GDPR is General Data Protection Regulation, a 
new law that came into force on Friday.)

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