Audio/video calls

Ángel angel at
Wed Apr 1 18:21:09 EDT 2020


I was recently trying to make XMPP audio/video calls work, but I find
the documentation somewhat scarce. Both parties are connected to the
same XMPP server using pidgin 2.12. They have Voice/Video Settings
plugin enabled, if that matters. When attempting to start a call, it
either fails automatically (Call has been canceled. Webcam error) or -in
one direction only- it was possible to start a voice call but neither
party was able to hear each other.
I am quite sure it is a configuration error, but I am not finding *what*
is supposed to be configured. What would happen when they start the
connection? Are they supposed to open a direct connection amongst them,
that a firewall would need to allow (tcp?, udp? which ports?). Is a
Jitsi server needed in order to handle the video? The client requires an
optional plugin? Does the server need to have $FEATURE

I'm pretty much in the dark here so would appreciate any pointers you
may have.

Thanks in advance

¹ The webcam actually works, but I don't think .

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