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Fri Apr 3 04:37:53 EDT 2020

Hi there,

There's a couple of things you can try to improve chances of the
voice/video call working:

1. Add in a stun server to  Tools->Preferences->Network->Stun Server.   If
your server doesn't provide one, then you can try or try
google for other public stun servers - a stun server helps you find your
external IP address to communicate to the other side of the call, and can
help get through firewalls (with something called UDP hole-punching if you
were wondering)
2. Make sure the 'Enable automatic router port forwarding' option is
checked, and then ensure your router supports UPnP - this generally helps
with establishing connections

Hope that helps.  If not, would you be able to provide a debug log (from
the buddy list, Help->Debug Window) from the point of just before trying to
establish a call until just after the call is connected?


On Thu, 2 Apr 2020 at 11:21, Ángel <angel at> wrote:

> Hello
> I was recently trying to make XMPP audio/video calls work, but I find
> the documentation somewhat scarce. Both parties are connected to the
> same XMPP server using pidgin 2.12. They have Voice/Video Settings
> plugin enabled, if that matters. When attempting to start a call, it
> either fails automatically (Call has been canceled. Webcam error) or -in
> one direction only- it was possible to start a voice call but neither
> party was able to hear each other.
> I am quite sure it is a configuration error, but I am not finding *what*
> is supposed to be configured. What would happen when they start the
> connection? Are they supposed to open a direct connection amongst them,
> that a firewall would need to allow (tcp?, udp? which ports?). Is a
> Jitsi server needed in order to handle the video? The client requires an
> optional plugin? Does the server need to have $FEATURE
> supported/enabled?
> I'm pretty much in the dark here so would appreciate any pointers you
> may have.
> Thanks in advance
> ¹ The webcam actually works, but I don't think .
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