Problem building Pidgin.

Konstantin Kharlamov hi-angel at
Wed May 5 09:49:32 EDT 2021

Disclaimer: just a random user here.

So, before anything else: I suspect you don't want the latest upstream Pidgin.
You see, latest released version is 2.14.4, and if you want to develop a
libpurple plugin, you better use that one. The 3.0 version was never released,
and devs thinking about releasing it for a long time already. I also think it
might have introduced some incompatibilities (since it is a new major version),
so, anyway, I don't think you currently want it.


With that said, if you are really interested in latest upstream libpurple, then…
Regarding the error: I looked at `` file, it tries to find the
talkatu subproject in the system (by using pkg-config, I suppose like `pkg-
config --cflags --libs talkatu` or something similar), fails at that, then
searches "talkatu" directory in `subprojects/` subdirectory, fails again. Idk
what results in the error regarding "Mercurial" though (does Meson try to
download a subproject? I never knew it does that), but I suppose if you clone
`talkatu` into `subprojects/` sub-directory, the error will go away.

But you don't need all that since you only want libpurple. You can safely
disable `gtkui`. That is, execute something like `meson build -Dgtkui=false` (if
you look at paragraph with talkatu dependency, you'll see it is only checked
when gtkui is enabled).

On Wed, 2021-05-05 at 21:11 +0800, DAVID MAY wrote:
> Hello,
> Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but this is the first time I have
> worked with Pidgin.
> I am experiencing an error when I attempt to build Pidgin 3.0 on Windows
> with MSYS2.   Actually, I am only interested in working with libpurple
> but it does not seem to be possible to build libpurple as a standalone
> project.
> I cloned the Pidgin 3.0 Mercurial repository. However for
> Pidgin 3.0 fails with an error message which states that Mercurial is
> not installed.  This cannot be correct: I can clone the talkatu
> Mercurial repository using MSYS2 Mercurial; Meson builds talkatu as a
> standalone project; the build products talkatu pass all the tests and
> the demo program works.
> The full Pidgin 3.0 output I see is this:
> $ meson build
> The Meson build system
> Version: 0.58.0
> Source dir: C:/msys64/home/david/projects/pidgin
> Build dir: C:/msys64/home/david/projects/pidgin/build
> Build type: native build
> Project name: pidgin
> Project version: 3.0.0-devel
> C compiler for the host machine: cc (gcc 10.2.0 "cc (Rev11, Built by
> MSYS2 project) 10.2.0")
> C linker for the host machine: cc ld.bfd 2.36.1
> Host machine cpu family: x86_64
> Host machine cpu: x86_64
> Program gettext found: YES (C:\msys64\mingw64\bin/gettext.EXE)
> Program C:/msys64/mingw64/bin/meson found: YES
> (C:/msys64/mingw64/bin/meson.exe)
> Program found: YES (C:/msys64/mingw64/bin/python.exe
> C:/msys64/home/david/projects/pidgin/
> Program xgettext found: YES (C:\msys64\mingw64\bin/xgettext.EXE)
> Library ws2_32 found: YES
> Library dnsapi found: YES
> Has header "sys/wait.h" : NO
> Has header "unistd.h" : YES
> Has header "fcntl.h" : YES
> Has header "stdint.h" : YES
> Checking for size of "time_t" : 8
> Header <ws2tcpip.h> has symbol "socklen_t" : YES
> Checking whether type "struct sockaddr" has member "sa_len" : NO
> Library m found: YES
> Found pkg-config: C:\msys64\mingw64\bin/pkg-config.EXE (0.29.2)
> Run-time dependency glib-2.0 found: YES 2.68.1
> Run-time dependency gio-2.0 found: YES 2.68.1
> Run-time dependency gobject-2.0 found: YES 2.68.1
> Run-time dependency gthread-2.0 found: YES 2.68.1
> Run-time dependency gobject-introspection-1.0 found: YES 1.66.1
> Run-time dependency nice found: YES 0.1.18
> Run-time dependency gtk+-3.0 found: YES 3.24.29
> Found CMake: C:\msys64\mingw64\bin/cmake.EXE (3.20.2)
> Run-time dependency talkatu found: NO (tried pkgconfig and cmake)
> ERROR: Mercurial program not found.

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