Pidgin for JMP.Chat VoIP on PinePhone

rherr rherr at
Tue Oct 12 19:23:19 EDT 2021

Attn: Pidgin Support

I installed Pidgin on my PinePhone (Mobian Bookworm OS) and it looks good. I had to scale it in the Gnome Settings panel to see everything and I have a mouse and keyboard hub, too. I could probably use it just fine without mouse and keyboard with some practice.

I have a JMP.Chat VoIP account (XMPP) and all my telephone contacts loaded successfully. I made a call to a local department store to test and was able to use the DTMF pad as well. The call was successful. JMP.Chat has a configuration account that can make a call back to the phone. I tried it, but there was no reaction or notification. I saw just the text message in the chat box that a call would be made.

I'm excited where all of this technology could be going and I will leave Pidgin installed on my PinePhone. Do you know of anyone that has been able to receive calls using JMP.Chat on a PinePhone or have suggestions for settings?


Rodger Herrington

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