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Fri Oct 22 11:14:44 EDT 2021

On 22/10/2021 16:02, sequoyahcoem at wrote:
>   OK  a follow-up I have remembered the Password and can log into my Account on this computer but cannot login on the other 2 it shows this message - "incorrect username or password"  and won't allow me to log in now, what can I do to get it to allow me to log in?

You need to contact the provider of the service you are using.  Pidgin 
is just a tool that passes the user and password on to the service 
provider, and passes the provider's rejection back to you.  It doesn't 
decide whether or not they are correct.

There isn't enough information for me to guess your service provider.

>      On Friday, October 22, 2021, 09:23:04 AM CDT, sequoyahcoem at <sequoyahcoem at> wrote:
>   I am needing help with a Password Problem, I have forgotten my Password for my account:  em-steven.d.rutherford
> I am trying to get it entered into a couple of backup computers and cannot remember what it is, I have had them connected before but, they had lost power and internet connections during an office equipment move and now I cannot log in and get on Pidgin on those computers.
> Let me know what I need to do.  Thanks.

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