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Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Thu Oct 6 08:08:51 EDT 2022

On 10/6/22 05:52, Gary Kramlich wrote:
> Greetings Programs!
> As some of you may be aware, we've been in the process of 
> transitioning our email lists to a new server. Well, managing email in 
> 2022 is tedious and unforgiving so it's taking forever and I always 
> have a ton more on my plate that's easier to do.
> As such, the idea has come up to migrate to Discource instead. Because 
> of this, I'm trying to see how others feel about this and how we 
> should go about importing things. They are listed below.

I am always against forums.  Exception when it is for a vendor's product 
and they have lots of separate forum based on user issues.

But forum means there is somewhere else I need to look to participate, 
or if it is low volume as here, to note that there is something I need 
to think about.

Also many forum software eat up processor resources and I watch my 
Firefox grow in memory consumption to the point I have to kill it and 
restart to get rid of all sorts of cruft.  Thunderbird by itself is bad 
enough.  ;)

So if you switch to forum, it is goodby.  Actually my mine use of, for 
IETF Jabber access, has gone away, so there is a real question if I 
really need pidgin at all now...

My opinion for what it is worth.

> I've tried looking to see if I can anonymize the archive, but haven't 
> found anything mentioning that as a possibility yet.
> Please respond as soon as possible as I would really like to start on 
> this migration no later than 2022-10-14.
> When it comes to this migration, are you for or against it? (Please 
> answer yes/no/doesn't matter)
> When it comes to this migration, would you like to have users imported 
> into the new system? (Please answer yes/no/doesn't matter)
> When it comes to the archives, would you prefer to have it imported 
> into the new system? (Please answer yes/no/doesn't matter)
> Thanks!
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