"Certificate Expired " notice and multiple breaks in service since Nov

pidgin at alexoren.com pidgin at alexoren.com
Tue Jan 3 23:11:32 EST 2023

On 2023-01-03 22:20, Jack Sidebottom wrote:
> Connection was lost and "Certificate expired" notice with opportunity to review, reject, or accept available. I accepted, but the certificate really needs to be renewed/updated. This failed certificate auth. may be cause of broken connections.
> Notice saying:  "The certificate for meaveen.lightwitch.org could not be validated.  The certificate claims to be from "*.akamaimesh.net" instead.  This could mean that you are not connecting to the service you believe you are."
> Thanks for your untiring efforts to keep this venue available!
> I tried desperately to figure out though the site how to report bugs - no go. Pulled this email address from the last time I contacted you.

Yup, browser also complains about it.


1) Change meaveen.lightwitch.org to lightwitch.org in the account properties, as per https://lightwitch.org/xmpp-guide/pidgin-instructions

2) Complain on https://aria-net.org/SitePages/Portal/Contact-Us.aspx

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