[Pidgin] #19: Rename libgaim to libpurple

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Mon Mar 19 13:02:18 EDT 2007

#19: Rename libgaim to libpurple
  Reporter:  rlaager    |       Owner:  seanegan                   
      Type:  task       |      Status:  new                        
  Priority:  blocker    |   Milestone:  Go public with Pidgin 2.0.0
 Component:  libpurple  |     Version:  2.0                        
Resolution:             |    Keywords:                             
Changes (by lschiere):

  * owner:  rlaager => seanegan

Old description:

New description:

 I suspect this is largely done at this point.

 One thing that quite clearly remains: we install prpl plugins to
 $prefix/lib/libpurple/ but do not probe there.

 Sean, are you able to look at this soon?

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