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#4533: file transfer support for yahoo
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 Component:  libpurple  |     Version:  2.3.1        
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Comment (by madthanu):

 Thanx for pointing out those...... i'll be fixing and resending them soon
 (sorry abt _() , didnt know what was in my mind when i skipped over
 those), and if you do identify more problems, please tell me.

 Im pretty new to pidgin trac, whats the convention here when u have got to
 update a  patch file --- you submit a new version or just replace it?


 About the version change:

 1. In the current pidgin release, no version identifier is sent - i guess
 initially 6.0's id was sent , but after a patch or something, nothing was
 being sent(or atleast, on the other buddy, no version id of pidgin's was
 received) - YM 8 & 7 seemed to tolerate this, but YM 9 didnt - many
 options, including 'send file' was disabled (of course some of them
 were'nt implemented in pidgin, but some were)

 2.I used 8.0's id - i guess i could have used 6.0's ,but[[BR]]
   a)some things fr 8.0 were implemented in pidgin, and using 6.0's id
 means those codes are useless with YM9 on the other side identifying u
 were YM6 and not sending info[[BR]]
   b)we are doing things differently from YM6 anyway, and if theres going
 to be a prob with identifying ourselves as YM8 , there may be one with
 identifing as YM6 [[BR]]
   c)there seems to be no problem because of the fact tht we send data
 differently from the actual YM8 as far as i can see..Sure, we may need to
 really test that.

 Changing this to 6.0's id isnt a big deal - i hv just got to change 2
 #defines... Im not changing it right now, if you still don't feel good abt
 8.0's id, please tell me, and i will change it.(I guess things like doodle
 and relayed file sharing - things that arent in YM6 - wont work with YM9

 However, not sending the id altogether will make YM9 treat pidgin like it
 was YM1(if it was ever there), and we would be soon getting many feature-
 absent tickets ,including no file sending.

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