[Pidgin] #4561: Better wording for "Conversation Window Hiding"

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#4561: Better wording for "Conversation Window Hiding"
 Reporter:  CrazyTerabyte  |       Type:  enhancement
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Component:  pidgin (gtk)   |    Version:  2.2.1      
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 As a new pidgin user, I think I can provide feedback on what I was
 expecting and what I've found.

 I personally think that "Conversation Window Hiding" is not intuitive. I
 think that we can only hide something that had been previously shown. I
 don't think it makes much sense to hide something that haven't even beed

 Looking at other software, we can see what they use:
 Psi has a couple of checkboxes that clearly describe what they do.
  [ ] Auto-open New Messages
  [ ] Allow auto-open even when Away/XA
  [ ] Allow auto-open even from unlisted users

 Kopete has the following radioboxes under "Message handling":
  ( ) Open messages instantly
  ( ) Use message queue
  ( ) Use message stack
 And it has the following checkbox at another tab:
  [ ] Enable events while away
 The last two radioboxes might not be very intuitive for non-programmers,
 and might even be seem as an overkill. However, both Psi and Kopete use a
 wording similar to "(auto) open (new) messages".

 Since pidgin has "Conversation Window Hiding", it is not as ex-Psi or ex-
 Kopete users might expect. In addition, I believe new users will be less
 confused by Psi/Kopete wording than by Pidgin wording.

 My suggestion for pidgin:
  Auto-open conversation windows:
   * Always
   * Only when not away
   * Never

 Maybe my wording is not the best, specially the second option does not
 look very good for me. Well, I think someone can improve that.

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