[Pidgin] #393: Add receive Handwritten messages, Winks and Voice Clips to MSN

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#393: Add receive Handwritten messages, Winks and Voice Clips to MSN
  Reporter:  notak  |       Owner:  khc                 
      Type:  patch  |      Status:  assigned            
  Priority:  minor  |   Milestone:                      
 Component:  MSN    |     Version:  2.0                 
Resolution:         |    Keywords:  msn handwritten wink
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Comment (by galt):

 Replying to [comment:30 QuLogic]:
 > Replying to [comment:29 galt]:
 > > It seems to me that the msg passed in is the same msg that's being
 returned, and is either destroyed, or gets saved and later destroyed when
 the multipart message is complete, which seems reasonable.
 > No, there are a few places where NULL is returned, but the supplied
 message is only destroyed when the initial message is found.
 I think the g_return_val_if stuff should return the msg rather than a
 NULL, so that it gets destroyed. The other 2 places where NULL is returned
 are really for multipart messages that we don't want to destroy just yet,
 if I get the code right.

 > Ah, yes, I missed that. But of course, since the table is static,
 nothing is cleaned up when the account is closed, disconnected, etc.
 So if we move the table into MsnSwitchBoard and pass it in as an argument,
 would that solve it? There are only a few calls to
 msn_message_parse_payload, and all callers have a switchboard from which
 to pass in a table, with the exception of the one in oim.c - but that's
 just posting an offline message to the conversation.

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