[Pidgin] #4569: Pidgin received signal SIGSEGV

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Fri Jan 4 19:07:41 EST 2008

#4569: Pidgin received signal SIGSEGV
Reporter:  chrisccoulson  |       Owner:  lschiere                  
    Type:  defect         |      Status:  new                       
Priority:  minor          |   Component:  unclassified              
 Version:  2.3.1          |    Keywords:  SIGSEGV segmentation fault
 Pending:  0              |  
 Since using version 2.3.1, I often find Pidgin has closed unexpectedly
 when I return to my computer after leaving it idle for some time. My
 ~/.xsession-errors file indicates a segmentation fault each time, so I ran
 Pidgin through gdb to get a backtrace of the crash. I've attached the
 output of gdb, containing backtrace.

 I've never actually witnessed the crash, as it always occurs when nobody
 is at my computer, and the machine is idle (screensaver active I presume).

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