[Pidgin] #4581: Never Ending Authorization Requests

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Sun Jan 6 13:06:15 EST 2008

#4581: Never Ending Authorization Requests
Reporter:  dividebyzero  |       Owner:  marv                 
    Type:  defect        |      Status:  new                  
Priority:  minor         |   Component:  Yahoo!               
 Version:  2.3.1         |    Keywords:  authorization request
 Pending:  0             |  
 I searched for my problem and saw that a lot of people had the same one
 but the tickets were always closed because it was supposedly fixed but
 I've always had this problem since 2.0.

 Every time I log in I get an authorization request from the same user.  If
 I hit authorize, the account logs off (or crashes sometimes with v2.3.1
 now).  I think this is because the user is already in my list.  If I
 delete user and reauthorize, the notices keep coming back.  If I hit deny,
 it goes away for now but comes back next time I log in.

 I have installed every official version for windows when they come out
 since version 2.0 and the requests are always there.

 I read a ticket that said there would be a way to silently deny the
 request but v2.3.1 only made the request box prettier.  No silent deny.
 Is this person getting denial notices every time I click deny?

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