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Tue Jan 15 09:33:59 EST 2008

#4660: 2 feature requests
 Reporter:  EdwardCullen     |       Type:  enhancement
   Status:  new              |   Priority:  minor      
Component:  pidgin (gtk)     |    Version:  2.3.1      
 Keywords:  feature request  |    Pending:  0          
 Hello guys, first of all i just want to let you know, that i love your
 program :)

 then i got 2 feature requests.

 number 1: When you get a message and pidgin is minimized, you can adjust
 pidgin so, that the systemicon is blinking. I would love it if the
 actually window with the person who have sended you the message, would
 blink in the systembar.

 and number 2: I don't know if its possible, but as a result that pidgin is
 for so many im-programs, everybody in my list uses a other messenger or a
 other version of the messenger, like icq 5.0, 5.1, 6.0 for example. that's
 why everybody also uses different smileys in there messenger. my opinion
 is, that its not good if you see not the same smileys as your opposite,
 because just look at the smileys from icq 5.0 and from icq 5.1...they are
 totally different. So, here is my request. It would be amassing if you
 could set for everyone in your contactlist a specific smileyset.

 ps:  I apologize for my bad english, I'm from germany x)

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