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#4660: 2 feature requests
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 Component:  pidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.3.1          
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 For the first issue, this probably already is possible by using the
 "Message Notification" plugin to set the urgent hint when receiving a
 message (as long as your Window Manager supports that)

 As far as the second issue goes, you can use whatever smilies that you
 like - pidgin supports making your own Smiley Themes (See the [wiki:"Using
 Pidgin#HowdoIusemakesmileythemes" FAQ]).

 In regard to your comment about different ICQ versions; this isn't
 something that would be possible without changes to the API - I don't even
 know if we can detect the remote ICQ version.  Even if that were possible,
 there is no way to know that you're seeing the smiley as the other party;
 smilies are simply sent as text and interpreted by the client into the

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