[Pidgin] #4516: Pidgin Crashes When Connecting To SIP

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Fri Jan 25 12:17:57 EST 2008

#4516: Pidgin Crashes When Connecting To SIP
  Reporter:  onlineapps  |       Owner:  seanegan        
      Type:  defect      |      Status:  new             
  Priority:  minor       |   Milestone:                  
 Component:  SIMPLE      |     Version:  2.3.1           
Resolution:              |    Keywords:  sip,simple,gizmo
   Pending:  0           |  
Comment (by hawkinsw):

 I signed up for a sipphone account and can now recreate the bug. It
 appears that the bug is caused by the sip proxy server sending back
 malformed packets. The code that actually causes this segmentation fault
 is in process_input at line 1595 of simple.c becuase msg is NULL. It
 appears that sipmsg_parse_header fails because of the malformed packet and
 simple returns NULL.

 It would be easy to "workaround" this by just putting a check for (msg ==
 NULL) after the call to sipmsg_parse_header. I did that in some testing
 code and was able to successfully register with the sip server.

 I do not have anyone on that sip service to test with, but it appears that
 registration worked correctly.


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