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#4442: Conversation window is closed without notice
  Reporter:  robochief        |       Owner:  datallah
      Type:  defect           |      Status:  new     
  Priority:  minor            |   Milestone:          
 Component:  winpidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.3.1   
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Comment (by DeeperID):

 I'm also having the same issue, I've had pidgin installed (2.3.1) for
 about 3 days and I just noticed it today after I changed the "Escape" key
 to close windows in the accels file.  I THINK it may have happened once
 before I made that change but I'm not entirely sure.  This occured whilst
 I was browing a website (technet) on firefox... and just happened again
 whilst writing this post.  It has happened twice now with the same AIM
 contact.  I will post the debug for the last couple minutes.

 I'm using AIM, MSN, G-Talk, IRC[[BR]]
 I have my tabs set to display on the right side of the window
 The AIM user in question was the tab displayed when it disappeared[[BR]]
 The previous messages were not displayed as usual when I opened up another
 chat session with this user[[BR]]
 New Conversations (Interface Tab in preferences) is set to "Last created
 Hide new IM conversations is set to "Always"[[BR]]
 Close IMs immediately when the tab is closed is UNCHECKED[[BR]]
 Minimize new conversation windows is UNCHECKED[[BR]]

 Plugins Enabled:[[BR]]
 Buddy List Options 2.2.0[[BR]]
 Buddy State Notifications 2.3.1[[BR]]
 Conversation Colors 2.3.1[[BR]]
 DiffTopic 2.2.0[[BR]]
 Extended Preferences 0.7 (Show buddy list entry in taskbar
 ExtPlacement 2.3.1[[BR]]
 IRC Helper 2.2.0[[BR]]
 IRC More 2.2.0[[BR]]
 Join/Part Hiding 2.3.1[[BR]]
 Markerline 2.3.1 (chat windows CHECKED, IM windows UNCHECKED)[[BR]]
 Message Notification 2.3.1 (Notify for IM windows, Chat windows CHECKED.
 Prepend string into window title CHECKED and set to (*), Raise
 conversation window CHECKED. Notification Removal all CHECKED except when
 conversation window receives click.[[BR]]
 Message Timestamp Formats 2.3.1 (defaults, force 24-hour CHECKED show
 dates in conversations and message logs both set to FOR DELAYED
 Mystatusbox 2.2.0 (hide icon-selectors CHECKED)[[BR]]
 Nicksaid 2.2.0[[BR]]
 Pidgin GTK+ Theme Control 2.3.1[[BR]]
 Psychi Mode 2.3.1 (Disable when away and Display notification message in
 conversations both CHECKED)[[BR]]
 Release notification 2.3.1[[BR]]
 Transparency 2.3.1[[BR]]
 Windows Pidgin Options 2.3.1 (Dockable Buddy List CHECKED, Keep Buddy List
 window on top ONLY WHEN DOCKED, Flash window when chat messages are
 received CHECKED)[[BR]]

 I'm using Windows XP SP2

 Hope that helps!

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