[Pidgin] #3061: Font Controls Inconsistent and Unclear + Proposal for Revision

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#3061: Font Controls Inconsistent and Unclear + Proposal for Revision
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Comment (by asbjornu):

 I think there are two rather completely issues being discussed here:

 * The font used by the Pidgin chrome
 * The font used inside conversation windows

 While I understand how GTK+ theming has control of the former, I don't
 quite understand why it has to control the latter. The latter should
 obviously be in complete control by the user. I really hope someone can
 come up with a better way to set this in a unified place in Pidgin.

 While I understand why Pidgin really can't change GTK+'s default font
 behaviour, I also think it's quite obvious that GTK+ should respect the
 environment on which it is installed and not set the font size to
 something that doesn't adhere to the overall font settings in the
 operating system (mainly Windows). When the default Windows XP theme has a
 font size of at least 2 pixels more than GTK+ on the same system,
 something's wrong.

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