[Pidgin] #4739: ICQ buddies disappear and cannot be readded

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Tue Jan 29 09:19:30 EST 2008

#4739: ICQ buddies disappear and cannot be readded
Reporter:  chemistrydioxide  |       Owner:  MarkDoliner
    Type:  defect            |      Status:  new        
Priority:  minor             |   Component:  ICQ        
 Version:  2.3.1             |    Keywords:             
 Pending:  0                 |  
 An ICQ buddy disappeared from my buddylist for no reason. When i try to
 readd the buddy i get the following errors:

 the debug window says:

 (14:58:24) g_log: purple_buddy_icon_update: assertion `icon != NULL'
 failed when adding a buddy

 the conversation window and a message box say:

 Couldn't add Buddy 123456789 for an unknown reason.

 Finally, the buddy is only added to blist.xml (if at all) and not to the
 server list.

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