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#4581: Never Ending Authorization Requests
  Reporter:  dividebyzero  |       Owner:  marv                 
      Type:  defect        |      Status:  reopened             
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 Component:  Yahoo!        |     Version:  2.3.1                
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Changes (by MarkDoliner):

  * status:  closed => reopened


 I revert bfc4df11256d088d75b0512bb0c4790967b68b19 in revision
 e91a81571120665092540f1a8bef1effd1cb1622 because it is not possible for
 the connection to be invalid in those functions--if the account is
 disconnecting then connection.c calls
 purple_account_request_close_with_account() which destroys the
 PurpleAccountRequestInfo which calls the deny_cb which destroys the
 yahoo_add_request.  Not only that, the attached pidgin.RPT file shows that
 Pidgin was crashing before even getting to the
 PURPLE_CONNECTION_IS_VALID() check in yahoo.c, which means that check does

 I was playing around adding/removing/authorizing/blocking buddies and I
 ran into the same problem.  I have an account where every single time I
 log in I get a request "do you want to allow this person to add you to
 their buddy list?"  It doesn't matter what I choose, when I lot out and
 log back in the request comes back.  Not only that, but this happens with
 the most recent version of the official Yahoo! client for Windows.

 In addition, the user who wants my permission is in my buddy list, but I
 can't remove them.  If I delete them from my list then sign out and sign
 back in they re-appear.

 So something is broken.  I'm wondering if Pidgin somehow corrupted my
 buddy list in a way that causes these add requests to reappear.

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