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#4581: Never Ending Authorization Requests
  Reporter:  dividebyzero  |       Owner:  marv                 
      Type:  defect        |      Status:  reopened             
  Priority:  minor         |   Milestone:                       
 Component:  Yahoo!        |     Version:  2.3.1                
Resolution:                |    Keywords:  authorization request
   Pending:  0             |  
Comment (by datallah):

 Replying to [comment:7 MarkDoliner]:
 > I revert bfc4df11256d088d75b0512bb0c4790967b68b19 in revision
 e91a81571120665092540f1a8bef1effd1cb1622 because it is not possible for
 the connection to be invalid in those functions--if the account is
 disconnecting then connection.c calls
 purple_account_request_close_with_account() which destroys the
 PurpleAccountRequestInfo which calls the deny_cb which destroys the
 yahoo_add_request.  Not only that, the attached pidgin.RPT file shows that
 Pidgin was crashing before even getting to the
 PURPLE_CONNECTION_IS_VALID() check in yahoo.c, which means that check does

 Your revert is fine because I subsequently fixed the behavior so that the
 auth. requests are removed when the account disconnects.  The `deny_cb` is
 not being (and probably should not be) called when the account is
 disconnected.  There is a leak caused by this (see #4609).

 The PURPLE_CONNECTION_IS_VALID() code was added after the crash, and it
 *did* prevent the crash in this situation, but you are correct that it is
 a hack and it is no longer necessary.

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