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Thu Jul 10 13:59:15 EDT 2008

#6293: Away (name change) handling on IRC
  Reporter:  Cube         |       Owner:  elb            
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 Component:  IRC          |     Version:  2.4.3          
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 We discourage that practice in the #pidgin channel because it is
 needlessly spammy to every channel you participate in (we *strongly*
 discourage using /me when going /away because that is even worse). As such
 I doubt we are going to support this built-in, but it should be possible
 for a plugin to do this if one wanted to (though it may need to manually
 trigger the /nick command as there may not be a function to call for the
 same effect). We already track username changes in channels that one is
 visiting (I believe) for buddy status, that is if a buddy you have on your
 list changes names when you can see it we will keep that tracking for the
 new name (and similarly for /ignore I believe we track changes). That
 being said, the blanket assumption that foo|away is the same person as foo
 is not a good idea (because you can't trust that, not always) and is
 almost certainly not going to happen.

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