[Pidgin] #5565: Should XMPP resource default to the local machine's hostname?

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Mon Jul 14 19:28:08 EDT 2008

#5565: Should XMPP resource default to the local machine's hostname?
  Reporter:  resiak  |       Owner:  deryni  
      Type:  patch   |      Status:  assigned
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 Component:  XMPP    |     Version:  2.4.1   
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Comment (by jesboat):

 Replying to [comment:10 deryni]:
 > As to the patch, using an explicit __NONE__ seems like a poor idea to me
 when we could just as easily use an empty or all-whitespace resource for
 that purpose (and is almost entirely self-documenting). pidgin has a
 purple_strreplace function already so there is no need to create a new one
 just for jabber. (Also, on purely nit-picking points, pidgin does not
 allow // style comments.) Other than that the patch looks fine to me, so
 you can either clean those things up yourself or let me do it when I get
 to applying the patch.

 I just attached a new version of the patch. It uses the empty resource
 instead of "!__NONE!__" to indicate no resource should be sent, and uses
 purple_strreplace, and uses inline comments. It applies against 2.4.2 and

 > The whole point of using Home, as I explained before, is that it was
 *supposed* to be clearly wrong sometimes and thus spark people to realize
 that they can change it to say whatever they want it to say.

 Ah, but users... :-)

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