[Pidgin] #5296: Plugin that allows to resize entry area height manually

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#5296: Plugin that allows to resize entry area height manually
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Comment (by Iyeru):

 Replying to [comment:71 nodashi]:
 > I had update a plugin to an "official" numeration :-)
 > Now there is version 0.6 available at http://myfotomx.com/builds_en.html
 > 1. Plugin can be built standalone (without a pidgin's soure tree), had a
 very simple (but working) makefile
 > 2. Plugin has a feature requested: it can be configured via the GUI to
 allow or disallow resizing of all IM/chat text entry areas height
 simultaneously (when you resize entry area in one conversation/chat, other
 conversations/chats automatically resized to the same size too).

 How can we use an RPM Binary via Ubuntu when 7zip can't even extract the
 RPM binary? (On Ubuntu) I don't want to compile from source (since for me,
 it's too complicated), and the convert to deb method for a binary will
 take a long, long, long time.

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