[Pidgin] #6479: Ability to dock window to side of screen

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Thu Jul 31 15:46:56 EDT 2008

#6479: Ability to dock window to side of screen
 Reporter:  Tythsai                             |       Type:  plugin request
   Status:  new                                 |   Priority:  minor         
Component:  plugins                             |    Version:  2.4.3         
 Keywords:  Window Placement, Docking, Hotkeys  |    Pending:  0             
 With my linux box, running Ubuntu Hardy Heron I have a docked terminal
 (package name = yakuake) that has the ability to pop up and down from view
 with a hotkey (default = f12) and sits on top of other applications. I've
 already been running finch in this terminal from time to time, but think
 that this ability would be really nice in pidgin. A bunch of my friends
 who switched to pidgin say that its annoying that all of their IM programs
 either have to sit in one part of their screen or be minimized to the
 taskbar. But folks who I've showed finch to in the yakuake pop-down
 terminal say that they would really prefer that, but that they want it in
 a gui version.

 so, this would be similar to ticket 6463
 (http://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/6463), only instead of simply
 "snapping" to the edges, would allow the client to be docked (where it is
 on top of other programs), but able to hide it from view while in that
 docked mode.

 also similar to 5220
 where the gui can dock to some part of the screen, but again, a keyboard
 hotkey can free up its screen realestate for easy reference when needed.

 This would help me increase my workflow by a large factor, as most of the
 time that i spend using pidgin for communication with teammates and even
 friends is finding my buddy list / chat window so i can see what they
 said. the way i use finch (but im not the biggest fan of CLI) is when im
 expecting an IM, or when i get some sort of signal that i have one, i
 press my hotkey (f-12), read the message, respond (if i want to), and
 minimize it out of my way again.

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