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#6479: Ability to dock window to side of screen
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 As far as I'm concerned implementing such a feature in an application is a
 disgusting hack around the fact that most window managers suck. Your
 window manager should provide you the ability to do that with *any* window
 at *any* time without you needing to cobble support (or get support for it
 cobbled) into each and every application that you use. I strongly suggest
 that you get your window manager authors to add support for this to your
 window manager and/or find another (likely better) window manager that
 does support this if you truly want it for yourself.

 For the record, useful window managers also allow you to jump to specific
 windows either by a specific keypress or by name, which therefore
 eliminates much (if not all) of the 'where did I leave that window' game
 which you complain about taking time and being annoying and interruptive
 to your workflow.

 If you need suggestions for what window managers to try I will be more
 than happy to suggest a few.

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