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#2067: Support for Animated GIFs (MSN, AIM, ICQ, YAHOO) Buddy Icons
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Comment(by IlRazziatore):

 Replying to [comment:12 datallah]:
 > What is displayed in the IMHtml is a !GdkPixbuf - that is what is being
 saved, not the original file; consequently the library needs to support
 saving whatever format we would like it to save as. Of course it is
 theoretically possible to change how this works, but IMO it isn't worth
 complicating life just so you can save animated gifs from the IM buffer.

 I don't understend. You recived something from the server and you give it
 to the IMHtml, right? Why you can't get the embedded data and save it? If
 there is GIF save it as GIF, if there are not GIF save it as .DAT what is
 the problem of this way?

 I'm sorry i don't undestand why a GUI libray ( GDK ) is important for the
 IM subsystem... I want to recived and sand animaed emoticons... I recived
 it and it okay, so i supose i can send it... why not?

 Pidgin is only a frontend for libpurple. This is a libpurple problem.
 Libpurple can sand and recived personal emoticons, and i supose it can
 save it too. GTK is only a layer but is only a top layer to see ( and use
 ) all of it...

 > > When Pidgin recived an gif animated it display it, why not save it?
 You can't write a simply dump file rutine?
 > We actually do, incoming animated gifs will be stored in the icon cache
 in ~\.purple\icons.  Perhaps it would be reasonable to support copying the
 file from the cache, if present instead of saving the !GdkPixbuf that is

 So you save incoming gif! Is an start point.
 When you can save it, you can save ( and load ) you can send it too.
 If the problem is the IM window is a litel problem becouse you can send
 the emoticos and this is what the people want... Isn't important if I see
 the gif "freezed" the important is my contact see it correclty.

 But sincerly i don't understend. You can save and load gif. You can show
 gif ( when i recived it ) ... so exaclty what is the problem? Only the

 > If you feel like working on making the saving of images from the IM
 history copy the cached file as a preferred method of saving, I think such
 a patch would be accepted (assuming it is done correctly).

 Unfortunately I do not know the mechanisms by which messages are received,
 recognized, parsed and then once acknowledged that there is a content
 embeded within it, showed

 If i have all this informations wirte a routine is a litle work...

 > Your eMule analogy doesn't quite fit - in most cases, the server is
 involved and only certain image formats (and sizes of images) are
 supported by the IM protocol;

 I say that i don't know how the protocol work. If the protocol want only
 PNG and GIF... okay, but why don't send staticaly GIF "AS IS" may be use
 only recived GIF so you are sure that are ok.

 > > There are 3 tickets duplicate of this so the user want this
 features... You are always convinced that it isn't a Pidgin problem?
 > Just because people don't like it doesn't mean it is a problem.

 I know my english isn't good and i know what i write isn't want i want to
 write. I try again.

 As a programmer i can use two philosophies of life:

 The programmer write the program for himself and if anyone uses it it's
 okay and if you anyone don't use, it's okay the same.

 Then there is a second philosophy, that always write the program for me
 but I am happy if someone else uses it. And perhaps knowing that someone
 would use it but for a certain thing does not using it makes him sad.

 I'm in the second category, if I knew that a person does not use my
 program when maybe want to use it because there of a particular thing...
 it make me vary sad.

 I am vain? maybe.

 Obviously no one can impose anything on anyone.

 I hope now I explained what i want to write even with my ( very ) bad
 English. (
 And I apologize for my insistence )

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