[Pidgin] #7367: "Old SSL" for XMPP doesn't work

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Sun Oct 26 23:50:25 EDT 2008

#7367: "Old SSL" for XMPP doesn't work
 Reporter:  Lam     |        Owner:  deryni
     Type:  defect  |       Status:  new   
Milestone:          |    Component:  XMPP  
  Version:  2.5.2   |   Resolution:        
 Keywords:          |  

Comment(by deryni):

 We probably should not attempt to use starttls when we are already
 connecting over SSL, however I also believe that the server should not be
 offering a stream feature it cannot correctly complete (and further one
 that is absolutely incorrect). The last time this issue came up stunnel
 was involved (#2432). If no such thing is involved here then I would
 suggest filing a bug with the server software to get them to stop offering
 starttls when offering stream features over an SSL connection.

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