[Pidgin] #11291: deactivating fonomo plugin crashes pidign 2.6.5

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Fri Feb 5 11:22:28 EST 2010

#11291: deactivating fonomo plugin crashes pidign 2.6.5
 Reporter:  corpid                    |        Owner:  Maiku          
     Type:  defect                    |       Status:  closed         
Milestone:                            |    Component:  Voice and Video
  Version:  2.6.5                     |   Resolution:  invalid        
 Keywords:  fonomo deactivate plugin  |  

Comment(by corpid):

 I have fonomo already deleted from my computer some month ago,
 AND there is no fonomo.dll elsewhere, nor in the pidgin, neither in the
 plugins -folder.

 so please, and I mean please, cause
 I do not send an error report, when I can resolve it myself,
 why the hell is pidgin crashing, if I only (try) to deactivate a plugin,
 which is NOT present in the pidgin folder or on the harddrive anyway.

 so please reopend it, and have a lokk, why there is a NULL pointer ( I
 think its a dereferenceing of a NULL pointer), but I do not have looked
 into the sources yet.

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