[Pidgin] #10576: pidgin crashes when try to send SMS message via skype plugin

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Mon Feb 8 02:04:45 EST 2010

#10576: pidgin crashes when try to send SMS message via skype plugin
 Reporter:  walder  |        Owner:         
     Type:  patch   |       Status:  closed 
Milestone:          |    Component:  plugins
  Version:  2.6.3   |   Resolution:         
 Keywords:  crash   |  

Comment(by walder):

 Looks like valgrind does not helps much (it just exists after start with

 $ valgrind --leak-check=no --track-origins=yes --malloc-fill=0xfe --free-
 fill=0xfe pidgin
 ==14442== Memcheck, a memory error detector
 ==14442== Copyright (C) 2002-2009, and GNU GPL'd, by Julian Seward et al.
 ==14442== Using Valgrind-3.5.0 and LibVEX; rerun with -h for copyright
 ==14442== Command: pidgin

 valgrind: m_syswrap/syswrap-freebsd.c:542
 (vgSysWrap_freebsd_sys_socketpair_before): Assertion 'sizeof(int [2]) <=
 sizeof(UWord)' failed.
 ==14442==    at 0x38026A1D: ??? (in
 ==14442==    by 0x38026CD1: ??? (in
 ==14442==    by 0x38079E95: ??? (in
 ==14442==    by 0x38062EFA: ??? (in
 ==14442==    by 0x3805F590: ??? (in
 ==14442==    by 0x38060540: ??? (in
 ==14442==    by 0x3807AFC8: ??? (in

 sched status:

 Thread 1: status = VgTs_Runnable
 ==14442==    at 0x107070B: __sys_socketpair (in /lib/libc.so.7)
 ==14442==    by 0x806F8E6: ??? (in /usr/local/bin/pidgin)
 ==14442==    by 0x806F854: (below main) (in /usr/local/bin/pidgin)

 Note: see also the FAQ in the source distribution.
 It contains workarounds to several common problems.
 In particular, if Valgrind aborted or crashed after
 identifying problems in your program, there's a good chance
 that fixing those problems will prevent Valgrind aborting or
 crashing, especially if it happened in m_mallocfree.c.

 If that doesn't help, please report this bug to: www.valgrind.org

 In the bug report, send all the above text, the valgrind
 version, and what OS and version you are using.  Thanks.


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