[Pidgin] #11142: AIM/ICQ not logging in as of 2010-01-12

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#11142: AIM/ICQ not logging in as of 2010-01-12
 Reporter:  dburkard  |        Owner:  MarkDoliner
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  Version:  2.6.5     |   Resolution:             
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 Replying to [comment:41 deesto]:
 > Yeah, I'd have to disagree that this is _fixed_, as the given fix is to
 disable one secure connection option, or the other, or both, and there is
 no one sure-fire direction for getting it working.

 No, the change that broke it was server-side, as was its working again;
 the issue was simply ''worked around'' by disabling either clientLogin or

 Anyway, as I said shortly after I asserted it was no longer happening, I
 was made aware that it has been occurring intermittently today (although
 it's intermittent and at least a few people have said that reconnecting
 worked fine without changing any settings).  I'm reopening this (for now).

 jlsddmar, if you're unable to connect with ''just'' "Use SSL" checked,
 check the Server and make sure it's set to slogin.oscar.aol.com.  If that
 still doesn't work, please file a new ticket with the Help->Debug Window

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