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#11116: loosing contacts
 Reporter:  neo_pidgin                       |        Owner:  khc
     Type:  defect                           |       Status:  new
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  Version:  2.6.4                            |   Resolution:     
 Keywords:  contacs disappear moving groups  |  

Comment(by giszmo):

 i also have lost tons of contacts to no obvious reasons but have put the
 contact list under version control after having noticed 2 lost contacts.
 no idea how many were gone before. at work i have different groups from
 those at home so contacts appear in 2 groups at home and one group at work
 and constantly "fixing" that might have made me mess with groups, too.
 i'd like to help fixing this issue but first of all: how do i get my
 contacts back? i mean those i have put under version control? don't want
 to have to rerequest auth to them as they already authed me and bothering
 those 21 people would actually bother me.
 i will switch to empathy but would like to get back to  pidgin asap.

 those contacts i lost today are all "proto='prpl-icq'" and all from an
 account that i did not open for long.
 ... hmmm ... is this an update from the icq-server and unrelated to
 nevertheless i had other contacts on another account (aim) that went lost
 twice on days i chatted with them. can people un-auth contacts?

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