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Thu Feb 11 13:15:57 EST 2010

#11349: Display of server (status) messages
 Reporter:  mankind86    |     Owner:  elb  
     Type:  enhancement  |    Status:  new  
Component:  IRC          |   Version:  2.6.5
 Keywords:               |  
 Any server (status) message, like the ones while connecting to a network,
 or when doing /quote help, shall be displayed in a new tab titled with the
 server address they are coming from.
 This option may be enabled/disabled throuhg a check-box withing the IRC-
 Account-Edit-Dialog called "show status messages".

 example messages from debug window with server address irc.efnet.nl:

 (18:59:19) irc: Unrecognized message: :irc.efnet.nl 704 mankind index
 :Help topics available to users:
 (18:59:19) irc: Unrecognized message: :irc.efnet.nl 705 mankind index :
 (18:59:19) irc: Unrecognized message: :irc.efnet.nl 705 mankind index
 :ACCEPT          ADMIN           AWAY            CHALLENGE
 (18:59:19) irc: Unrecognized message: :irc.efnet.nl 705 mankind index
 :CMODE           CNOTICE         CPRIVMSG        CREDITS

 for more example messages please see attached file.

 Thanks for taking care of this enhacement proposal.

 Your sincerely

 Lorenzo Pirovano

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